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Where we are

The Bed & Breakfast Bea Roma is an apartment on the second floor of a building with lift, where you can have fun and relax in Rome. It is located near a large park with bars and refreshments and a bike path that after 800 Mt. arrives at the Policlinico Agostino Gemelli. The characteristics of the B&B are peace and tranquility.

The Bed & Breakfast Bea Roma is also located 1.4km. from the Hospital San Filippo Neri, 5.4km. from the Olimpico stadium, 5.4km. from the Musei Vaticani and 7.2 km from the Città del Vaticano. These are distances that you can walk quietly on foot.

Anyway 100 meters from the house there is the train station of Monte Mario and the bus terminal. If you take the correct bus you are in little time anywhere you want to go.

The apartment in which the rooms are located, is very bright and the rooms are large and the floor is marble. At your disposal there are two rooms with the built-in bathroom and one with the external private bathroom almost the last thought to be very economic.

The Bed & Breakfast Bea Roma has 3 rooms. Two doubles of which one has a small balcony and a double that can be converted into a very cheap single, this one has a larger balcony. All equipped with free Wi-Fi internet connection, hairdryer and shower sets.

How close to the center we are

The Bed & Breakfast Bea Roma is located 100 mt, has the stop of Monte Mario of regional railway line Rome-Viterbo and the end of the bus 46, 49, 912, 913, 914, 990, 998 with which you can reach the center of Rome and all the most important shopping and entertainment streets. In other words you can find peace and quiet but in other places you can have fun and be entartained. The bnb Bea Roma is what it does for you...

For example in 15 minutes (by train) you will arrive at San Pietro station.

Or take the line 49 from the bus terminal you can get to the Vatican museums in 20 minutes. If you continue with 49 to the end of the line, after 40 minutes you are in Piazza Venezia. Nearby there are also the Marcello Theatre, the Colosseum, the Capitol, the triumphal arch of Constantine, the Domus aurea, the basilica of S. Maria Maggiore...

With the bus line 46 in 10 minutes you are at the terminus of the undergound that bears to Battistini because is the line A , which crosses all Rome.

Strengths (we are close to ...)

The particular features of the Bed & Breakfast Bea Roma are multiple.

The B&B is only 800m from the Policlinico Agostino Gemelli through the new bike path it is possible to reach it on foot in 8 minutes.

At 1.4 km we have the specialist center of the hospital S. Filippo Neri. One stop with the light rail train.

We're near to the Medical Center 100mt of S. Maria della Pietà they are held conferences, meetings, examinations, internships and anything else regarding health care.

At 5.4 Km we have Vatican Museums. By bus n. 49 it takes 20 minutes.

Piazza S.Pietro always with the bus no.49 in 30 min.

For those who want to rest is located in front of the park of Santa Maria della pieta inside of which you can go jogging , cycling or relax walking and admire nature enjoying a bit of tranquility.

Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.